MICROFULL ELECTRONICS CORP was established in September 2007, the executive management team has extensive qualifications and experiences in the electronic components industry. MICROFULL has also inherited the business management philosophy of the Japanese parts manufacturers and kept pursuing the best of the quality. In order to achieve the high quality product requirements, MICROFULL has not only the front-end quality management, but also attracts the electronic professionals who have more than 10 years experiences to strictly control the products prior to the procurement. This has made MICROFULL a rising star in the ICs electronic components and passive electronic components industry.

MICROFULL ELECTRONICS CORP has high-precision optical test amplification equipment that can be used to check customer products. We are the agency for ICs and passive components such as Resistors, Capacitors, Switches, Diodes, Transistors, and ICs. The Company with Yageo,Walsin,TAI,Darfon,Gausstek ,Murata,ON ,FAIRCHILD ,MICROCHIP,Infineon,NXP,TDK,Samaung,Rohm,ST,TI …Link tracks with international company 。Looking ahead, MICROFULL will strive to enhance the diversity of its products to meet customers' demand for one stop shopping and continue to devote toward becoming a professional service-oriented high-quality component company. Satisfying customer needs, product innovation, taking care of employees, and sustainable operation are the business management philosophies of MICROFULL.

People-cultivation of the talents and taking care of employees' lives.
Product Profession-to continuously introduce new products, and to enhance employees’ profession. To create high added value and pulling away from the competitors.
Quality-to pursue excellent quality aggressively, to meet customer needs, and to achieve a win-win situation with customers.
Cost-to eliminate unnecessary waste and pursue the lowest cost, to enhance self-competitive strengths, and to ensure that the profits of the company.

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Chip Resistors / Chip Array / Vehicle type /Low Value Resistance


MLCC / Vehicle type / Electrolytic Capacitors / Tantalum


Chip Beads / Chip Inductors / Vehicle type / Coil Inductances / Transformers


MOSFETS / Vehicle Type Diodes


DIP Switchs / ButtonSwitchs / SlideSwitchs


ICs :Battery Management ICs / Power Management ICs / Linear Regulator ICs